About Us

How We Started

Turf Wars Racing was originally started back in 2017 by Hunter Walz and Jake Sherbrooke. They had a love for racing and decided to start up their own grass drag racing event called Turf Wars. They had their first event and it brought about 100 people together to race, spectate, and have some fun.

Jake and Hunter knew they were onto something and kept the ball rolling. Each year, they would have a Turf Wars event in the summer. The number of people attending and racing started growing considerably!

By 2020, the event was really taking off and they decided to bring in some more help on the business side of things. Their good friend, Luke Eggebraaten, had been helping the Turf Wars crew with their social media, business, and organization. In 2020, they brought Luke in as a partner and they have been having a blast since!

Who We Are

The 4th, and one of the most important additions to the Turf Wars team was Jena Walz. Jena is married to Hunter and has been a MASSIVE part of the success and growth of Turf Wars Racing. On race day, you will see Jena in the press box coordinating every race with our rockstar team.

The Turf Wars Racing team is made up of these 4 friends that are doing their best to put on an incredible show, give people the chance to race, run a successful business, and have a ton of fun. They can’t do it alone though. Turf Wars has been blessed with some of the hardest working, most loyal and skilled volunteers out there. The volunteers that help run the events truly make it so special. We couldn’t do it without everyone involved.

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to put on these events for you and take Turf Wars Racing to the next level. We’ll see you at the track!

Turf Wars Racing
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